Why Glass Partitions are Perfect for Your Office?

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we can provide you with the best quality glass partitions for any office space.

What are glass partitions?

Glass partitions are high-quality glass panes which act as room dividers for various spaces, most frequently utilised in office spaces.

Here at Express Glass Warehouse (EGW), we use toughened glass partitions, thus allowing an office space to appear more open and modern in comparison to traditional solid walls, which usually make an office appear smaller and closed off.

Do glass partitions offer privacy?

Glass Partitions are usually utilised to create a sense of privacy, by separating meeting rooms from the rest of the office.

In accordance with the law on visual privacy, glass partitions must feature some sort of manifestation graphic, in order to comply with health and safety regulations.

Our team at EGW can help you achieve greater privacy through sandblasted designs of your choice, which can be implemented on any type of glass, including: clear, tinted, painted, laminated, and even mirrors, with a thickness between 10mm – 19mm.

Sandblasted designs not only increase the level of privacy in your office but also greatly enhance the aesthetic of your office space, as the designs create an open and colourful space for all staff to appreciate.

How cost-effective are glass partitions?

Here at EGW, we offer a cost-effective service, where you can choose from a variety of options on our online order builder, which is really simple to use.

In order to purchase our glass partitions, you simply go to the order builder, select the option you want and click next – which will then allow you to select your custom preferences.

The first step is to choose your preferred glass, followed by thickness, shape, size, and any extras you may want to include. The costs of the glass partitions are dependent on your selections, as the price varies for each variation.

Why choose EGW for your glass partitions?

As one of the best glass specialists in the UK, we provide a bespoke service involving glass toughening, processing, laminating and painting in order to offer the best sustainable glass to our customers.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is utilised to provide you with the best quality glass, thus creating the best glass partitions an office space requires.

Our tempered glass partitions are available in a variety of assortments, including clear, iron, tint and satin, and toughened laminate glass. If your office requires it, we also insert coloured inter-layers into your preferred glass.

We cater to all office sizes and take on board all custom preferences, which could be anything from cut-outs and holes to specific sandblasted designs, which will take your office space to the next level.

We can work with you to create stylish and innovative designs for your glass partitions, in accordance with your budget, which will completely transform your office space for the better.

glass partition in a modern office

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