What is Sandblasted Glass?

The benefits of sandblasted glass –

It is often you would see sandblasted glass, but wouldn’t consider it for your home. You may not know of the wonderfully diverse options available to you when it comes to glass. The possibilities are endless! For example, glass can actually be used for extra privacy, insulation or as a feature.

A number of techniques exist to improve or modernise your home or workspace. One of these techniques is known as “sandblasting” and it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Take a look below to find out a little bit more about this process.

The Sandblasting Technique

To create sandblasted glass at a glass manufacturing warehouse or factory, specialist methods have to be employed. Once the type of glass has been selected, a purpose-built machine propels a stream of granulated material. Usually sand or pieces of walnut shell – at the sheet to remove the clear sheen from its surface and give it a “cloudy” appearance. This stream can be moved and controlled to create the perfect effect.

Why Opt for Sandblasting?

Creating an element of opacity within glass windows, screens or doors offers you many more options when it comes to privacy. Sandblasting means some areas can be chosen to remain transparent, while others can have the desired “frosted” look. For example, a shower screen can be left clear at head height so that you can see out of it, but the rest can be obscured for your comfort. Another option is to have aesthetically beautiful patterns etched onto sheets of glass, such as table tops with amazing precision using sandblasting.

What Can Be Sandblasted?

Any glass panels or screens can be improved using sandblasting techniques – from windows to walkways to whole wet room walls to glass panels in doors and beyond. Even individual items can benefit aesthetically from sandblasting. Anything from clear glass to tinted glass, painted glass, laminated glass or even mirror can be sandblasted to achieve the desired look.

How Can I Get Hold of Sandblasted Glass?

Specialist glass companies offer options such as sandblasting and acid etching as part of a bespoke service. The Glass Warehouse (TGW) create custom glass pieces for your home or office space. TGW offer a super-fast turnover time without compromising on excellent quality. Available in a number of shapes to meet your requirements, with a variety of finishes if needed.

If you’re interested in the products offered by The Glass Warehouse, call today on 020 8500 1188 or email info@theglasswarehouse.co.uk. For further information a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your best available options.

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