Frosted Satin Glass

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Frosted satin glass provides privacy with a modern appearance. Not only does it look great, it also still allows a high level of light transmittance.

The frosted satin glass has a smooth finish, one that can enhance the appearance of your home or office. Perfect for doorspartitions and table tops.

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(6 Products)

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Enhance Your Home or Office Space

The toughened frosted satin glass is available here at The Glass Warehouse. We supply the frosted satin glass to suit an array of needs and wants, so whether you’re looking to make your home more sophisticated or more practical, we have an ideal solution!

The frosted satin glass has a smooth finish, one that can enhance the appearance of the home or the office. As with any of the glass that we supply, here at The Glass Warehouse, the satin frosted toughened glass is designed to offer the highest quality possible.

For a contemporary look and feel, you cannot beat the range of frosted satin glass that we supply. With our help, why not make your property more visually enhancing and professional? The satin frosted toughened glass maximises natural light whilst also provides additional privacy at the same time!

If you need any further information about the satin glass, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, they will be more than happy to provide you with any advice that you could possibly need.

  • Frosted satin glass is perfect for table tops, doors, partitions and much more!
  • Satin Glass will create unforgettable settings, and once installed, satin glass withstands the test of time and requires no special attention
  • Satin Glass adds visual and tactile interest, offering privacy while still welcoming abundant light
  • Using our easy online ordering tool you are able to order your glass and process your order within minutes.

For more information give our team of experts a call today on 020 8500 1188.

What does satin glass look like?

As its name might suggest, satin glass has a smooth, silky finish that makes for a classy and sleek aesthetic. Unlike many other glass applications, satin glass isn’t shiny but rather benefits from an elegant matte finish.

It’s primarily thanks to its superior appearance that satin glass is such a popular choice in both homes and commercial buildings. Its opaque nature offers a level of privacy and discretion, yet still looks great no matter where it is used.

What is satin obscure glass?

Satin obscure glass offers a distorted view, making it a great choice for areas where privacy is paramount, such as office windows and bathroom doors. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy points to make about satin obscure glass is that although it effectively distorts how much can be seen, it still emits high levels of light.

Does satin glass let light in?

Yes! At The Glass Warehouse, you can still benefit from high amounts of light transmittance, making it an ideal choice for bathroom windows, shower screens, tabletops, partitions and glass door panels.

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S Hampshire, United Kingdom

Very competitive prices, best I could find. Delivery was very fast for bespoke sized glass. One of my glass panels was chipped, I contacted one of the team and it was re-made and delivered within 1.5 days. Great service and coms. Thanks.

Rated 5 out of 5
G Howell, United Kingdom

Fantastic company. I’ve been using these guys for around 3/4 years, not only do they complete our orders in very short notice, they delivery and exceed our expectations…9/10

Keep up the good work!!!

Rated 4 out of 5
C Lock, United Kingdom

Excellent level of customer service, from offering advice to assist in choosing the most suitable glass to prompt helpful delivery.

Rated 5 out of 5
M Purewal, United Kingdom

I’ve just replaced my wooden staircase balustrades with toughened glass. I used Express Toughening to supply the 10mm thick glass panels. The company is very professional and helpful. The project went well.

Rated 5 out of 5
G Millett, United Kingdom

Fast quotations, fast processing and on time deliveries. Without doubt this supplier is at the top of their game.

Rated 5 out of 5
S Saleem, United Kingdom

Fast turnaround on orders. Mostly deliver, but can collect for trade customers. Every kind of glass you can imagine cut to mm accuracy by laser.

Rated 5 out of 5