When is a Balustrade Needed?

Glass balustrades are an excellent way to create space in a room, provide a safe, secure mounting for handrails and protect the stairway’s users from a potential fall. Stylish and elegant, these balustrades can be made to fit any shape and size of staircase and work with any décor theme.

What is a Balustrade?

Most staircases and stairwells have a set of railings or a barrier along their open side, acting as a barrier to falling and supporting the handrail that people need to safely ascend and descend the staircase. This is a balustrade; part barrier and part support, it acts as a vital part of the safety of the stairway, and makes sure that people can comfortably use the stairs. A balustrade is set apart from a handrail by its barrier and support function – a handrail is simply a railing for users of the staircase, while a balustrade is the thing holding the handrail up, and preventing anyone from accidentally falling from the staircase.

When choosing a balustrade for your home or business, consider a toughened glass balustrade. Perfect as an internal glass balustrade, the toughened glass available from The Glass Warehouse is a sturdy, safe and stylish way to make your staircase stand out!

Why Choose a Glass Balustrade?

A glass balustrade has a number of advantages over other materials, like wood or concrete. These advantages include:

  • Versatility

Able to be adapted to any design or staircase shape, or even made completely to your specifications as a bespoke glass balustrade, these versatile balustrades can fit a huge range of aesthetics and designs, and are available in a choice of glasses, included low-iron, frosted (or “satin”) glass and coloured glass to suit any look! More than that, they can fit any shape of staircase – even spiral staircases – and can be made completely to your requirements, making sure that you have a balustrade that looks amazing and works exactly as you need it to, wherever you need it.

If you’d like a more modern look, you can even opt for a frameless glass balustrade, creating a chic, unified appearance and giving the illusion of space as it lets more light through.

  • Easy Maintenance

A glass stair balustrade is a great choice both inside and outside. Tough and easy to maintain, tempered glass balustrades from the Glass Warehouse are resistant to the elements and easy to clean. No matter how dirty they may seem, a simple wipe clean will restore them to their former glory, and if they get scratched, a polish will have them looking incredible again in no time!

An internal glass balustrade is even easier to maintain – without the elements to contend with, and with far less cleaning required, a simple wipe-down and polish will keep your balustrades looking great for all the time you have them.

  • Safety

A toughened glass stair balustrade is an excellent way to boost the safety of your staircase. Made from glass which has been heat-treated and tempered, these balustrades are much tougher than other types of glass, and are much harder to break or damage. If they do break, the tempered glass will shatter into a number of small, rounded pieces, rather than the long jagged shards typical of ordinary glass. This makes them a much safer alternative to other glass, and the enhanced strength of tempered glass balustrades even makes them stronger and tougher than many wood balustrades!

  • Style and Modernity

A glass balustrade is perfect for adding a little more “wow” to your home or business. Able to let light through and create the illusion of more space, an internal glass balustrade can accent the most modern designs or add a little space and light to classic or vintage décor themes.

When is a Balustrade Needed?

A balustrade is necessary in any situation where one or both sides of a staircase are open, creating the risk of a fall and making it difficult to set a handrail. A balustrade acts to create a barrier to falling, and supports the handrail, making the staircase safe for use.

If you are interested in a glass balustrade from the Glass Warehouse, or you would like more information on these versatile, stylish balustrades, you can get in touch any time on 020 8500 1188 or using the contact form on this site! If you would like to request a quote or place an order, you can do so using the same contact information – the glass experts at the Glass Warehouse head office will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

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