Top 5 Benefits Of A Glass Table Top

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Are you currently on the lookout for a new glass table top to revitalise your living space? Or simply searching for a low-maintenance and durable alternative, if so, we can help.

Here at The Glass Warehouse (TGW), we offer bespoke glass table tops to help transform your space. Our glass table tops offer customers a variety of benefits including:

1.  Brighten your space

One of the many advantages of a glass table top is that they can brighten up any room. The transparency of the glass provides the illusion of a more open and light space.

Through the simple application of a glass table top, you can transform even the smallest and darkest of rooms, making them appear uncluttered and well-lit.

2. Easy-cleaning

Our bespoke glass table tops are extremely low-maintenance. They are very easy to clean especially in comparison to other materials such as wood, which require much more rigorous cleaning techniques.

Having a glass table top fitted will cut your cleaning time down significantly, whilst still ensuring your living space is in tip-top condition.

3. Protection-proof

There is nothing worse than having your table ruined by scratches from your children, pets, or even just simply damage from keys or ornaments.

By adding a glass table top to your current furniture, you can prevent any further damage, as the glass acts a buffer to protect the condition of your table.

4. Long-lasting

Our glass table tops are one of the best investments you can make, as not only does the glass itself last a long time, so does the furniture it is covering.

Glass table tops are a great way to preserve even the oldest of furniture, including antiques that you may want to restore, giving your traditional table a modern twist.

5. Unlimited styling options

The great thing about glass is that it coordinates perfectly with everything, which means you don’t have to adjust your colour scheme when fitting your glass table top.

At TGW, we offer toughened glass table tops that can be customised to suit your preferences. You can choose from a variety of glass finishes including tinted, frosted satin, low-iron and clear.

If you wish for a more innovative glass table top design you can opt for crackle glass or even digitally printed glass. This enables you to add an image of your choice to your glass table top. Thicknesses range from 4mm – 19mm, in any shape formation, enabling you to be as creative as you wish.

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