What to Consider When Choosing Glass Balustrades

A glass balustrade can add the perfect finishing touch to a stairway, opening the area up and letting more light through, nurturing a feeling of space and airy natural light that can’t be replicated with other balustrade types, and bringing a beautiful finishing touch to any staircase.

Glass balustrades are so much more than just a way to increase the light coming into a stairway – they are also an infinitely adaptable feature of your home or business, with incredible variety on offer depending on what you need. The Glass Warehouse can even provide completely bespoke glass balustrade systems tailored to your requirements from the beginning, as well as frameless glass balustrades, glass balustrades matched to a toughened glass staircase and both indoor and outdoor balustrades – whatever you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 020 8500 1188 to discuss your requirements. We have been supplying glass balustrades of all types for years and will be happy to help you find the perfect balustrade for your needs. But why choose glass at all?

Why Choose a Glass Balustrade?

Glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular in architecture and interior design, and fit equally perfectly in chic, modern inner-city offices and cosy, rustic wooden cabins. With almost infinitely variable design options, glass balustrades also offer a uniquely light, unobtrusive baluster in the form of the toughened glass panels that make them up, allowing light to flow freely around a room, making the area seem larger and more spacious and blending seamlessly with existing architectural features.

In addition to all this, the glass balustrades available from The Glass Warehouse – whether and internal glass balustrade or an outdoors balustrade installation – are all made with toughened glass, which is much stronger and more durable than ordinary annealed glass. This not only makes a glass stair balustrade an attractive and versatile feature of any staircase – it also creates a safer, more secure stairway.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Glass Balustrade

Once you have decided to go for a glass balustrade, you’ll have a few things to consider while you choose exactly the balustrade for your stairs. The type of glass required, whether to opt for a frameless balustrade or a stylish, framed one, whether to go bespoke and whether you want your glass stair balustrade to be transparent or frosted – you can even opt for low-iron glass to provide unbeatable clarity, for a glass balustrade so clear and transparent that it is almost invisible. The things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting your glass balustrades include:

Choosing Balustrade Glass

The choice of glass is clear with balustrades from The Glass Warehouse – all of our glass balustrades are made with toughened glass for maximum safety and security. The toughened glass from The Glass Warehouse sometimes referred to as “safety glass”, is much stronger and more durable than annealed or float glass, providing more than enough strength for use in balustrades and allowing light to pass through without compromising the safety or strength of the balustrade!

Frosted or Clear?

Consider whether you would rather your glass stair balustrade to be transparent or obscure. Obscure glass balustrades can be used to add a variety of visual characteristics to your stairwell and can diffuse light evenly across an area without allowing full transparency, so they are a popular option in many homes and businesses. However, clear glass balustrades offer less resistance to light, creating a more airy appearance, and the fact that they can be seen through creates an illusion of more space and openness. To take this advantage to its greatest extent, you can choose low iron glass from The Glass Warehouse for your balustrades, and opt for a frameless balustrade.

The low iron glass available from The Glass Warehouse has unbeatable clarity and transparency, and our frameless balustrades provide light with the smallest possible resistance, creating an incredible illusion of space!

Frameless or Framed?

On the subject of frameless balustrades, would you like your balustrade to have a frame or not? This decision is largely a matter of taste and aesthetic preference, as a glass staircase balustrade which has no frame creates unbroken lines of vision across the area, encouraging the illusion of space, while a framed balustrade provides its own stylish aesthetic. The decision is yours – talk to our experts on 020 8500 1188 for more information or get in touch on our contact form to discuss what The Glass Warehouse can do for you!

Should You Invest in Bespoke Glass Balustrades?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our balustrade range, or you would like something more unique to your home or business, you should consider the bespoke glass balustrades from The Glass Warehouse. With years of experience in providing glass balustrades, The Glass Warehouse can design and fabricate a balustrade solution to fit your requirements exactly, whatever they are!

If you would like to get in touch with us about a bespoke glass balustrade system and whether it would be suitable for your home or business, or to discuss the requirements you have for your bespoke glass balustrade system and talk about what The Glass Warehouse can do for you, you can call us at any time – our expert staff will be happy to help you.

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