Create Bespoke Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks have a functional role within the kitchen and, there’s no denying, their presence can be very useful when cooking and making food. They don’t stain easily or deteriorate over time, their smooth even surface is easy to keep clean and – thanks to their tough construction – they are incredibly resistant to both extreme heat and accidental impact. Of course, glass kitchen splashbacks are mainly there to protect your kitchen from spills and splashes and everyday wear and tear; however, they can also serve a decorative purpose, contributing greatly to your kitchen’s overall look.

Here at The Glass Warehouse, we understand the importance of finding the right glass splashback to suit your kitchen. You need to find a colour or tone that works with the rest of your kitchen’s colour scheme; perhaps something that complements the shade and pattern of your worktops or, by contrast, something that will stand out and create a feature point in an otherwise neutral room. This is why we like to stock an extensive range of contemporary toughened glass splashbacks, with numerous designs and a variety of colours to suit your personal tastes and requirements. These glass splashbacks fall into three distinct categories and here we look at each in a little more detail.

Painted Glass Splashbacks

Our painted glass splashbacks are designed to cover all the bases. We know that when it comes to designing and creating their dream kitchen, most people want to either incorporate their favourite colour or find a shade which complements their existing kitchen cabinets and surfaces, and we strive to make this a reality. Thanks to our popular colour-match service, we can create glass splashbacks in a diverse range of different colours – including everything from the most common neutral tones to the most obscure shades by top brands such as Dulux, RAL, Farrow & Ball and Laura Ashley.

Once painted, these kitchen glass splashbacks can then be customised with various add-ons, such as rainbow-coloured, silver and gold glitter or premium sparkles. There are so many colours and finishing touches to choose from; it’s easier than ever to create a truly unique space and bring your vision and idea of a dream kitchen to life.

Crackle Glass Splashbacks

Understated yet incredibly effective; crackle glass splashbacks have the power to completely transform your kitchen. They are constructed by laminating three pieces of toughened glass together and subsequently shattering the middle layer. This process creates a stylish cracked-ice effect, which reflects the natural light in the room and successfully catches the eye – however, the outer surface remains smooth and even, retaining all the benefits of a conventional glass splashback.

Here at The Glass Warehouse, we currently offer crackle glass splashbacks in an array of modern and popular colours. They are highly durable and hard-wearing, resistant to extreme temperatures, and they will add a very unusual yet stylish and decorative touch to your new kitchen.

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Individuality is something to be proud; everybody wants to be a little bit different, with their own individual sense of style and personal tastes – and thanks to our printed glass splashbacks, expressing your individuality within the home couldn’t be easier. From holiday snaps and photos to abstract art and patterns, using our advanced digital technology, we can print any image that you like onto one of our toughened glass splashbacks. This is a fantastic way to create a focal point in your kitchen; something striking that will catch the eye and draw people’s attention. Although they are typically used in the kitchen, printed glass splashbacks can be installed anywhere in the home or office – adding an instant touch of style and personality to an otherwise neutral room.

Glass Splashbacks: Made to Order at The Glass Warehouse

All of the toughened glass splashbacks currently available at The Glass Warehouse are made bespoke to order. Head over to our online order builder and we will take you carefully through each step of the decision process, offering a series of personalisation and customisation options along the way. Whatever shape, size or thickness you may need, we will create a splashback that meets your exact needs and requirements. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we can add numerous socket cut-outs and notches, thus ensuring that your new splashback fits seamlessly into its intended location. There are a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from and we strive to do everything that we possibly can to create the perfect bespoke glass splashbacks for you.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of toughened glass and its associated products, The Glass Warehouse demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to kitchen glass splashbacks. We understand that style is sometimes just as important as function and this is reflected in the variety and diversity of our splashback collection. If you would like to find out more about toughened glass kitchen splashbacks, or if you have any questions about our current products, please feel free to get in touch. Just give us a call on 020 8500 1188 or send an enquiry to and one of our friendly members of staff will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are ready to buy your new kitchen glass splashbacks, start to create your bespoke order here.

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