3 Reasons to consider fitting digital printed splashback in your kitchen

Digital printed splashback for your kitchen –

Have you ever considered a printed splashback for your kitchen? Does your kitchen leave you feeling uninspired? For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Where meals are prepared, and friends and family gather for special occasions.

At The Glass Warehouse we understand this. We share your passion for standing out and creating something personal to you – which is why we offer bespoke glass splashbacks in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Digital brick printed splashback

What is a digital printed splashback?

Thanks to cutting edge technology, it is now possible to put your favourite print straight onto glass. Whether this is a family portrait, a landscape from your favourite trip or something a little more abstract. You are now able to use loved memories in your kitchen’s décor for something truly individual.

Why choose digital glass printed splashback?

With so many great options out there, it can be hard to settle on any one style of glass splashback. From crackle glass and glitter to bespoke paint – the possibilities are endless. But using digital printed glass splashbacks allows you to really personalise your space,  making it truly unique –really giving your kitchen that wow factor!

Printed Splashback - Sunset

3 Benefits of using digital painted glass splashbacks in your kitchen

1. Create a focal point

Why invest hundreds of pounds and numerous hours on creating intricate feature walls, or installing top of the range fixtures and fittings? Glass splashbacks are a perfect example of how bespoke glass can create a huge impact, without the need to invest in an entire room. You can transform a blank canvas into a personalised space with minimal time, effort or expense. Easy to fit, our experts can take any image and print it onto a piece of glass cut to any size.

2. Reflect your personality

What better way to turn your house into a home than by putting some of your own personality into it? With an unlimited number of printed designs available, you can truly create a one of a kind feature that your friends and family will love. So why not add a little individuality, flare and style to an otherwise overlooked part of the kitchen?

3. Pull together the themes of your kitchen

Whether you have gone for neutral tones or have a running theme throughout your kitchen, a printed glass splashback can pull together the themes of your space. You can choose to compliment or contrast the existing colour scheme you have running through the kitchen, or use your kitchen splashback to add a bold stand-out feature.

Contact TGW for your bespoke kitchen glass splashback

If you have the perfect design idea for your glass kitchen splashback, why not get in touch? Here at TGW we are passionate about bespoke glass, which is why we have invested in the largest toughening plant in the UK.

Wherever you are, whatever your vision – we can help! Give us a call today on 020 8500 1188.

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