Three creative applications for frosted glass

Everything from the colour of your walls, to the design of your kitchen, can leave a lasting impression on your visitors and be the difference between what makes your house a home. At The Glass Warehouse, we think we have just the thing to help you on your way to your dream home; frosted glass.

Have you considered frosted glass?

You don’t just want your house to look great, you want it to really stand out. That’s why we recommend frosted glass to those looking to transform their space into something unique and memorable. As a leading glass manufacturer in Essex, taking pride in your home interiors is something we are passionate about. That’s why we offer a bespoke service to those who are out to impress – because the only thing as good as loving your own home is when your friends and family love it too.

As one of our most popular bespoke services, frosted glass brings a feeling of modern elegance to a room whilst remaining energy efficient and sturdy. Thanks to its opaque design, you can benefit from added privacy, low maintenance and versatile application – whatever your inspiration may be. So, how do we suggest you make the most of your frosted glass features?

Three ways with frosted glass interiors

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not take a look at our guide to three ways you can make an impact with frosted glass around the home.

  1. Floating glass shelves

Frosted glass can be used in much more than just doors and windows, and often less can be more. So, if you are looking to add a subtle feature to your home, floating glass shelves using our bespoke frosted satin glass can make for the perfect addition.

If you are opting for a more minimalist approach, fitting floating glass shelves in your home can be a great way of optimising storage. Perfect in bathrooms and kitchens especially, frosted glass shelves of this type add something a little out of the ordinary, without compromising on practicality.

  1. Glass splashbacks

An underrated yet effective way of adding a focal point to your kitchen, glass splashbacks can offer a solution to the daily grime caused by cooking, whilst making for an attractive feature.

If you opt for a frosted glass splashback, you can not only create a tasteful addition to your space but also make full use of the easy clean surface that this type of obscure glass offers.

  1. Glass balustrades

Frosted glass doesn’t just have to be used inside your home. It can also make the perfect material for a feature balustrade. Looking to upgrade your decking with glass balustrades? Consider obscure glass for an element of privacy during those summer months.

How can The Glass Warehouse help with your frosted glass fittings?

Whatever you decide to do with your frosted glass fittings, we can help. Our team of experts know the glass industry inside out – putting you at the forefront of every project to ensure your needs are met. Not sure where to start? Contact us on 020 8500 1188 or email us at


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