Why Should I Upgrade to Fire Rated Glass?

Fire Glass – sometimes called Fireproof Glass – is a special glass stocked by The Glass Warehouse as part of our product range. As the name suggests, Fire Rated Glass is designed to offer protection against fire, resisting the damaging effects of heat and preventing flames from spreading. As a result, properly installed fire rated glass can give your business a considerable boost to fire safety!

When it comes to fire, you don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you’ll want the maximum time to take action to protect yourself and your staff. Fireproof glass from The Glass Warehouse is one of the ways to buy time in the event of a fire, which could prove decisive in saving your building and workforce. All the fire glass from The Glass Warehouse is able to hold its integrity when exposed to fire for much longer than conventional glass, so it won’t just melt when containing a blaze – the fire rated glass provided here will remain a solid barrier to the flames for up to an hour!

In the unfortunate event of a blaze getting started on your premises or spreading from a nearby area, your fire glass might make the difference between disaster and escape, buying vital time for people to evacuate, counter-measures to be deployed and the fire department to arrive. When faced with a fire, everything depends on making time, so a pane of fire-rated glass, which can hold flames back for up to an hour, could be the linchpin of a successful fire defence.

Every business will have its own unique circumstances and requirements for fire rated glass, so we stock a wide range of fire glass options, including very thick glass, thin and light glass and tempered options, as well as a range of fire resistance capabilities. Some of our fire rated glass is able to remain solid under direct exposure to flames for up to 60 minutes, and in non-emergency conditions they serve as an excellent insulator of heat and sound – with some, like the 25mm Pyrobel glass sporting a decibel rating of 40.

This makes fire rated glass from The Glass Warehouse a great investment in any environment, as it is tempered to prevent injury if it breaks, acts as a heat insulator to save you money on your energy bill and helps to control noise, protecting your staff’s ears and preventing accidents even if you never have to contend with a fire!

Fire rated glass should be treated the same way as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and other safety precautions, as they all provide the ability to control, delay and stop a fire, safely evacuating your work force and yourself before it’s too late. However, unlike these other features, fire rated glass also serves other purposes – providing strong, durable and long-lasting windows and glass doors, soundproofing and excellent insulation in any conditions.

You wouldn’t be comfortable operating a workplace with no fire extinguishers, no smoke alarms and no fire exits, so why would you operate a workplace with no fire rated glass?

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