The Top Three Reasons to Get Bespoke Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Bespoke kitchen glass splashbacks –

The Glass Warehouse is very experienced in designing, manufacturing and fitting toughened glass splashbacks for your kitchen and can provide a limitless range of bespoke designs to suit your needs. Our glass splashbacks come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and finishes. Which can be cut to fit any shape, making them a great complement to even the most awkwardly-shaped kitchen layout.

The other main advantages of Bespoke Kitchen Splashbacks are:

Glass does not age, corrode, stain or discolour

Glass is a completely inert material, and won’t show signs of age or deterioration as it gets older. Kitchen glass splashbacks are easy to clean and grease can simply be wiped off. Therefore your bespoke kitchen splashbacks will be as bright and new as the day it was bought even after years of use.

Glass is a hygienic choice

Glass is an ideal material for use in kitchens thanks to its wipe-clean properties. Even the most caked-on mess can be wiped off without a trace. Since glass is non-porous and inert, nothing remains beneath the surface to create a lingering problem!

The smooth surface of our kitchen glass splashbacks creates a natural shine on the glass. As a result making them extremely easy to polish to a brilliant finish.

Glass is versatile and tough

Our toughened glass kitchen splashbacks are resistant to heat and impact, with a strength and durability equivalent to safety glass. They won’t warp or discolour when exposed to heat, and are highly resistant to scratches and cracks. With a safety glass kitchen splashback, you can rest assured that you’ve made an investment that will remain beautiful and effective for years to come.

As well as that toughness, bespoke kitchen splashbacks are a very versatile addition to any kitchen. With a range of colours and finishes available, a glass splashback can be a great accompaniment to any decoration style, and will stay looking great for years!

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