Top 5 advantages of tinted glass

Advantages of tinted glass –

Tinted glass is made by adding small amounts of metal oxide to the glass composition. This alters the transmission of solar energy and modifies the colour without changing the basic properties of the glass. The process ultimately reduces the effects of sunlight which can help protect interior and furnishings from damage.

At The Glass Warehouse (TGW), we offer anti-sun tinted glass. This is a form of toughened safety glass, a variety of advantages for this type of glass include:

1. Energy efficiency

Tinted glass is the perfect solution for reducing your energy bills, especially if you decide to tint your windows. This type of glass is designed to absorb heat, as a result it will reduce the amount of heating used in your home or business.

House with tinted glass windows

 2. Sun protection

Tinted glass is not just an ideal form of protection for furnishings, it is also a great safeguarding tool for your health. If exposed to UV radiation whilst sitting by a window, this type of glass reduces the amount ultraviolet rays by 99%. Therefore, providing essential protection for your family and employees.

 3. Improved security

For extra security toughened glass can also be used to deter intruders from easily entering your home or business. The anti-sun glass will also make it harder to see inside!

4. Increased privacy

If you require privacy, tinted glass is perfect for solution for obscuring your property. It can also be used for office spaces, where it is vital that procedures remain discreet and confidential.

Tinted glass

5. Low-maintenance

Tinted glass is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is also water and scratch-resistant, which enables extensive durability. Therefore, by investing in this type of glass you’ll save cleaning time and money.

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