How to Clean Shower Glass: Tips and Tricks

A pristine glass shower screen is an aesthetic treat, yet the journey from soap-smudged to sparkling might appear daunting. Fret not! With some household items and savvy techniques, you’ll have that screen gleaming in no time.

First things first.

What you can use to clean your glass shower screen

  • White vinegar: Nature’s descaler
  • Mild dish soap or detergent: Gentle yet effective
  • Baking soda: The stain combatant
  • Microfibre cloth or sponge: For delicate scrubbing
  • Squeegee or rubber scraper: Your water streak warrior
  • Spray bottle: Handy for your mixtures
  • Pure water: To rinse away residues
  • Glass cleaner: For that polished finish

Tackling Stubborn Marks

Regularly cleaned screens might not encounter tough stains or marks, but here’s your game plan for persistent stains:

  1. Vinegar solution: Mix water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz it on the stained areas, letting it work its magic briefly. A gentle scrub with a cloth or sponge, followed by a rinse, and voila!
  2. Baking Soda paste: A mix of water and baking soda creates a potent paste. Lather it onto the stains, wait a while, then scrub and rinse.

The Best Offense is a Good Defence

Here’s how you can combat those stains before they stake a claim:

  • Squeegee: Swipe away water post-shower to prevent droplet marks or stubborn water stains that can be more difficult to remove after a long time.
  • Ventilate your bathroom: An open window can curtail humidity, minimising water marks and mould.
  • Use a water-repellent cleaning spray: Specialised sprays can deter water spots and scum from settling.

Bonus Tips for Pristine Screens

  • Be Gentle: Harsh chemicals can be glass adversaries. Vinegar or mild soaps are your allies.
  • Lemon Aid: Hard water stains? Lemon juice, with its acidity, can be your secret weapon in breaking down and dissolving mineral spots.
  • Details Matter: Tracks and frames are dirt magnets. A weekly brush-off can prevent grimy build-ups. A toothbrush (or any small brush) is perfect.

Keep your shower screen looking sleek for longer

A dash of effort and the right tools are all it takes to maintain your screen’s radiant charm. Dive into our blog for more glass-care wisdom or explore our bespoke glass shower screens if you’re contemplating a fresh screen start.

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