Our guide to choosing the right custom shower doors for your bathroom

Do you need new glass shower doors? If so, have you considered designing your own? Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we can work with you to help create bespoke shower screens that fit perfectly with the rest of your bathroom décor.

Here, we have compiled our knowledge of over 17 years’ in toughened glass manufacturing, to help you choose the right glass shower panels for your shower enclosure or wet room.

Top 5 tips for customising your shower glass panels

At Express Glass Warehouse, we offer a tailored glass manufacturing service with a variety of customisations. To make sure you choose the right glass shower doors for your bathroom, you should consider the following steps:

1. Take exact measurements of your shower

As market leaders in toughened glass manufacturing, we are able to construct made-to-measure shower glass panels using our cutting-edge computer numerical cutting machines. This works by inputting the thickness and dimension of your shower space.

This is an ideal process for anyone planning to have a completely new shower enclosure or wet room installed, as exact measurements will ensure your shower screen is the perfect fit.

shower door measurements

2. Choose the right shower door shape

One of the main reasons we offer a custom-fit service is so you receive bespoke shower doors like no other. Instead of choosing typical glass shower doors, you can decide on the exact shape you want.

For a smaller bathroom, we would suggest choosing our left or right cut-off corner rectangle, which is ideal for corner shower enclosures. Whilst our rectangle and left or right-hand rake shaped glass can be used for wet rooms to prevent excess flooding.

Shower door shape

3. Select a glass type for your shower screen

Choosing the type of glass for your shower door is essential, which is why we offer a selection, including minimal styles like clear and low-iron glass, which offer a classic look. This type of glass also naturally brightens up a small shower without the need for ceiling lights.

If you’re looking for something bright but also private, you should opt for our sandblasted glass. This opaque type of glass also adds extensive protection, as it is constructed by etching toughened laminated glass to create obscure and durable shower glass panels.

Shower glass doors

4. Add protection to your shower

Once your design is in place, you should seriously consider adding our Polymer coating invisible shield to your glass shower doors, which is a form of protection against water residue, soap scum, stains and more.

This not only protects your shower and reduces soiling but is also very low-maintenance – making your shower doors much easier to clean, whilst also offering you an attractive-looking shower to enhance your bathroom.

Protected glass shower screens

5. Pick the right shower fittings

For expert shower door installation, you can choose from our variety of high-quality fittings, which are designed to hold your glass shower panels together. This includes our selection of 90 and 180-degree chrome-plated hinges, 1.100mm to 2.200mm translucent glass seals, 1.240mm to 2500mm glazing channels, and shower door handles.

If you’re unsure on the type of fittings you require for your custom-made shower screens, our skilled staff can advise you on every aspect of installation, including the right fixtures, tools and any further guidance you need to have your shower doors fitted perfectly.

Shower door fittings

Contact EGW for bespoke shower doors

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we are dedicated to creating first-rate glass products for our customers, who we closely collaborate with to bring your glass designs to life. This is possible due to our strong work ethic and access to advanced machinery, which is used to construct everything from made-to-measure shower screen doors to pool surrounds and more.

If you have followed all the tips above and found what you’re looking for – check out online today. Or for further guidance on our custom glass products, contact us today by calling 020 8500 1188. Alternatively, you can email us at info@egw.co.uk and we will deal with your query as soon as possible.

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