Discovering the Ideal Glass Shower Screen for Your Space

When it comes to bathroom elegance and utility, a glass shower screen stands out. Selecting the perfect one demands an understanding of various factors.

Dive into our guide to help you find the ideal glass shower screen.

1. Consider Your Bathroom Layout

Every bathroom is unique. Reflect on the layout, proximity of fixtures, and overall ambience. This introspection will guide you in selecting between hinged, sliding, or pivot screens, ensuring harmony with your space.

2. Choosing the Right Type of Glass

Glass isn’t just glass anymore. The variety available today can transform the aesthetics and serve specific functions. Here’s a quick look:

a. Clear glass

Clear glass showers not only exude a contemporary vibe but usher in ample light, making spaces appear expansive.

b. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass, with its subtle opacity, grants you privacy while still allowing light to enter.

c. Patterned Glass

Seeking more flair? Patterned glass, available in myriad designs and textures, can be the statement piece your bathroom craves.

3. Thickness & Safety: Striking a Balance

A sturdier glass implies enhanced durability. Aim for thicknesses between 6mm and 10mm. And remember, safety is paramount, so always check for compliance with standards like the British Standard (BS EN 12150).

4. To Frame or Not to Frame?

Your choice here hinges on aesthetics and budget.

a. Framed

Framed screens, outlined with metal, lend a defined look. They’re often more pocket-friendly and resonate with timeless designs.

b. Frameless

For those seeking uninterrupted elegance, frameless screens effortlessly elevate bathroom aesthetics, providing a fluid and modern touch.

5. Maintenance Matters

Opt for glass treatments that ward off stains and buildups, making your cleaning routine a breeze. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a spotless, hassle-free shower space?

6. Professional Installation

Seamless installation isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a safety essential. Always trust professionals to anchor your shower screen, ensuring durability and peace of mind.

Embrace the Fusion of Function and Style

Why wait? Embark on your journey towards a perfect bathroom, made complete with your ideal glass shower screen. Browse our range of glass shower screens today.

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S Hampshire, United Kingdom

Very competitive prices, best I could find. Delivery was very fast for bespoke sized glass. One of my glass panels was chipped, I contacted one of the team and it was re-made and delivered within 1.5 days. Great service and coms. Thanks.

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Fantastic company. I’ve been using these guys for around 3/4 years, not only do they complete our orders in very short notice, they delivery and exceed our expectations…9/10

Keep up the good work!!!

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Excellent level of customer service, from offering advice to assist in choosing the most suitable glass to prompt helpful delivery.

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I’ve just replaced my wooden staircase balustrades with toughened glass. I used Express Toughening to supply the 10mm thick glass panels. The company is very professional and helpful. The project went well.

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Fast quotations, fast processing and on time deliveries. Without doubt this supplier is at the top of their game.

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Fast turnaround on orders. Mostly deliver, but can collect for trade customers. Every kind of glass you can imagine cut to mm accuracy by laser.

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