Laminated Crackle Glass

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  • Polished edges are included as standard.
Crackle Toughened Glass
Mirror Crackle Toughened Glass
Low Iron
Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Left)
Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Right)
Reverse "T" Shape
Right Hand "L" Shape
Left Hand "L" Shape
Right Hand Rake
Left Hand Rake
Double Rake "Irregular"

Shape Diagrams

Shape Dimensions

Please note to allow a 2mm tolerance in all designs. All internal notches will have a 7mm radius to ensure structural integrity during the toughening process.

  • Max: 3000

  • Max: 3000

  • Max: 3000

  • Max: 3000

  • Max: 3000

Glass Extras

  • If you order hinges from The Glass Warehouse we will provide the correct hinge cut outs. Alternatively, upload your hinge design and technical drawings. If there are any problems one of our customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed.

  • Min: 1

  • Any polished notches/socket cut outs will have an internal radius of at least 14mm. Non polished notches/socket cut outs will be approximately 7mm internal radius. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed. Please upload any if possible.

  • Min: 1

  • Any drilled holes must be the same size or greater than the thickness of your glass selected. (For example 10mm glass can only have a hole of 10mm in diameter or greater). Drilled holes must be within reasonable distance from edge of the glass or other holes / cut-outs to prevent breaking when toughened. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed.

  • Min: 1

  • Drill holes may be needed if you are considering fixing glass to a wall or to another object. This may be the case if purchasing glass for a kitchen splashback, table top or shelve. The minimum drill hole size must be equal to or greater than the thickness of the glass. The holes must be placed at least five times the thickness of the glass from the edge to centre of hole.Min: 6Max: 65

  • A rounded corner with a polished finish. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed.

  • Min: 1

  • Tell us the radius size you require. This can range from 2mm to 100mm. This is dependent on the size of your glass. One of our customer service representatives will contact you regarding any issues.Min: 2Max: 100

  • The immediate sharpness of the corner(s) removed with grey finish. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed.

  • Min: 1

  • Polymer coating protects glass with a barrier that repels water, soil, stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits.

  • Please share all diagrams, drawings and specifications (maximum of 10 files allowed)Max file size: 12 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif


Product Description

Crackle Glass is made by laminating 3 pieces of toughened glass together, the middle toughened piece is then shattered to create the “crackle” effect.

This unique method is great for adding a luxury style to your home, office or outdoor space.

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Product Additional information

Glass Type

Crackle Toughened Glass, Mirror Crackle Toughened Glass

Glass Thickness

18.5 mm


Blue, Low Iron, Satin, Silver, Grey, Bronze


Rectangle, Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Left), Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Right), Quadrant, Circle, Ellipse, Semicircle, Semiellipse, Parallelogram, Reverse "T" Shape, Right Hand "L" Shape, Left Hand "L" Shape, Right Hand Rake, Left Hand Rake, Double Rake "Irregular", Triangle

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Laminated Crackle Glass
Crackle Glass
The Glass Warehouse - Crackle Glass Breakfast Bar
glass kitchen ideas, Crackle Splashback

Cracked Glass Effect

Crackle glass is a modern way to enhance the style of your home. The crackle glass is made by laminating 3 pieces of toughened glass and the piece of glass in the centre is shattered to provide the “crackle” effect.

This glass is a durable glass which has various uses within the home, whether it be for glass splashbacks, worktops, cladding and other pieces of furniture. With the crackle glass, you can boost the decorative feel to your property instantly – making it more stylish and sophisticated!

Here at The Glass Warehouse, we have a complete range of crackle glass which is exactly what you need if you’re looking to use your imagination and make your property more contemporary. However, the crackle glass is also manufactured to offer exceptional heat resistance and is made to last, offering resistance to various impacts.

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  • Durable, effective and heat resistant
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Use for worktops, splashbacks, furniture, cladding
What are the benefits of crackle glass?

When it comes to installing crackle glass, there are a number of surprising benefits you should be aware of. Not only does crackle look unique and aesthetic, but it can also offer:

  • Effective heat resistance
  • Flexibility (crackle glass can be installed almost anywhere)
  • Safety (crackle glass is made using multiple layers of toughened glass)
  • Looks modern and contemporary
Where can I use crackle glass around the home?

Crackle glass can often be seen in furniture such glass table tops, but this isn’t the only application of crackle glass. In fact, this type of glass can be applied pretty much anywhere glass can be used, including just some of the following:

  • Glass in internal or external doors
  • Internal windows
  • Kitchen splash backs
  • Cladding
  • Kitchen worktops
How is crackle glass made?

Crackle glass is known for being highly resilient, and this is thanks to the way it is made. Using three pieces of toughened glass, crackle glass gets its effect by laminating the glass panes together before shattering the middle pane. As the panes are sandwiched together, the two outer toughened panes keep the middle shattered glass together, giving it that distinctive finished effect.

The crackle effect has a mosaic look and feel, if your home is lacking a decorative touch, the crackle glass could be exactly what you need!

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I’ve just replaced my wooden staircase balustrades with toughened glass. I used Express Toughening to supply the 10mm thick glass panels. The company is very professional and helpful. The project went well.

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