What are the Uses for Toughened Glass?

Across every industry, in every application, one form of glass has risen to be more popular and more heavily used than all the others: toughened glass, also known as tempered glass. But what exactly has led this glass to conquer the world? And what is it used for?

What Makes Toughened Glass So Popular?

Toughened glass is extremely popular across almost every industry thanks to a combination of advantages over other glass types. Like ordinary glass – usually referred to as “annealed glass” or “float glass”, toughened glass can be transparent, clear, coloured, or obscure, and can be frosted, printed or painted to suit the customer’s requirements, lending an excellent versatility to the material that is hard to match.

However, unlike ordinary glass, toughened glass is very hard to break, strong and durable, and in the unlikely event that it does shatter, it breaks into very many small, rounded pieces rather than the razor-sharp jagged shards seen in other glass types. It is thanks to this added level of safety, preventing injuries that could be caused by broken glass, that toughened glass is often called “safety glass”. This added safety has been responsible in no small part for the ubiquitous use of toughened glass across a range of industries.

What Sorts of Things Can Toughened Glass Be Used For?

As it is made by tempering solid pieces of glass with rapid cycles of heating and cooling, toughened glass can be used for a huge range of applications – but if that application requires glass that has been cut, shaped, drilled, scored or otherwise manipulated, this must be done before the glass is tempered. Afterwards, it will be too tough and will shatter into the characteristic tiny round pieces if cut or broken.

Household Use

Toughened glass sees common use in domestic situations, including:

Shower Screens

Toughened safety glass makes for the strongest, safest glass shower screens thanks to its resistance to damage, and the fact that it shatters into tiny, round pieces when broken. Glass shower screens, once considered risky due to their fragility and possibility of breaking into many sharp pieces, are now commonplace – thanks to the toughness, strength, and most of all, safety of toughened glass from The Glass Warehouse.


Creating an illusion of space, glass balustrades are very popular when it comes to making stairways and stairwells seem more spacious, light and airy. Toughened glass is ideal in these situations due to high strength and durability, and can even be used for frameless balustrades!

Glass Splashbacks

A toughened glass splashback is an excellent addition to any kitchen, protecting your wall from stains, splashes and spitting pans and allowing you to customise your kitchen with prints, colours and patterns to suit your taste – whatever aesthetic you’re going for, a splashback can help you achieve it!

More than that, however, a toughened glass splashback is extremely easy to maintain, turning the surrounding of your stove or hob into a wipe-clean, scratch-resistant and thermally-resistant surface that is extremely easy to keep hygienic and looking great!

Toughened Glass Doors

For the same reasons as glass shower screens, toughened glass doors are the ideal way to round out any porch, conservatory or greenhouse – or even just to add a lighter, more open feel to an ordinary room!

Toughened Glass Furniture

A glass top table or desk is a stylish, modern addition to any home, and thanks to the tough, strong toughened glass from The Glass Warehouse, these tables have a strength and reliability that’s hard to match. Drawing on the same characteristics, toughened glass shelves and other furniture help to fit out your home exactly the way you want it.

Business Use

As well as being used in the home, toughened glass products can help to enhance a business environment, with doors, screens, desks and shelves, among other features, helping to create the ideal office environment. Toughened glass is often seen in commercial and business applications including:

Satin Frosted Toughened Glass

Ideal for allowing light to enter without compromising on privacy, satin frosted toughened glass helps to guarantee an airy, light environment in any office. This toughened glass type is also an excellent choice for desk tops, shelves and doors.

Custom Glass Table Top

A custom glass table top is an excellent way to project class, style and modern elegance to your staff, customers and clients – especially when it includes the satin frosted toughened glass mentioned above. You can rely on the toughened custom glass table top projects available from The Glass Warehouse to have the strength, durability and dimensions required to meet your needs – just let us know!

Obscure Toughened Glass Office Screens

Perfect for a meeting room or cubicle divider, obscure toughened glass office screens allow light to pass through them, creating a more natural, more airy and more open environment, while maintaining a very high degree of privacy. Some, like the satin frosted toughened glass mentioned above, are particularly obscured, while others, like patterned toughened obscure glass, offer differing levels of obscurity to suit your needs.

Mobile Device Screens

Toughened glass of some sort or another is used in almost all modern mobile device screens – although it will be a different toughened glass to the one your shower screen or desk is made from! For more information on these specialised toughened glass types, get in touch with the experts at The Glass Warehouse today.

Other Uses

The uses for toughened glass don’t stop there – specialist cookware and glassware, composite glass, laboratory equipment, even bulletproof glass can be made with toughened glass. Talk to us today for more information!

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